Abdominal training SKLZ

There are basically two types of accessories for working on the abdominal areas, there are abdominal apparatus with neck support and then there are training wheels. Although both accessories are very popular, opinion among users is divided as to which is better; some prefer the guide and the neck support of the abdominal apparatus, and others prefer the freedom that you get from the wheels. It should be borne in mind that both types of accessories are aimed at the domestic market. More info

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  • Functional core stability discs. Supports engagement of the core through countless movements. Special low-friction, non-marking material slides smoothly on all surfaces.
    SKLZ Slidez - 2 pack

    Delivery 2 - 3 working days

    SKLZ Slidez - 2 pack

  • Enhance traditional plank and push-up exercises. Develop pillar strength (shoulders, torso and hips) through a variety of exercises. Wheels on each side move together for safety and ground control. Lightweight and portable. Ergonomic foam handles for comfort. Includes (2) COREwheels and a training guide.
    SKLZ Core Wheels

    Delivery 2 - 3 working days

    SKLZ Core Wheels

  • Are a great way to activate your core and get a low-impact, full-body workout in with minimal gear.
    SKLZ Court Slidez (2pack)

A buyers guide for abdominal workout accessories

These accessories have a support-guide which allows you to carry out abdominals in the right way avoiding unnecessary tension on the spinal column and the neck. The majority of these are made of metal, so they have a strong and durable structure. When it comes to choosing one or the other you should bear in mind the differences between models:

Adjustable length and height: A good abdominal apparatus should have adjustable length, so that the movement is suited to your height and the arm position is comfortable. If the apparatus is fixed and the length is not appropriate for the user, the exercise will not be as efficient as it could be and might even provoke back injuries.

Cushioned headrest: The headrest should be rigid and wide enough to protect the neck, as otherwise the bar will put too much pressure on one point, provoking pain and discomfort.


The abdominal apparatus should have a mat to stop the user from slipping while exercising, thereby ensuring that the sit-up or crunch action is done correctly each time./p>

Abdominal training wheel

By contrast to the guided apparatus, the wheel or ab roller allows greater freedom of movement, and is preferred by many users, as in some exercises it not only tones the abdominal section but also helps to stretch the back muscles.

power wheel

Width and Wheel Material

A wheel for abdominal training should be at least 2.5cm wide and be made of rubber or some other material with good traction, as it should feel stable and solid and only move in the direction required by the exercise, otherwise it could provoke tension and muscle strains in the back, shoulder and sides.

Grip material

It is important that the grips are covered in foam rubber, latex or a similar material, as you put your weight on the wheel and it is necessary to be able to grip it firmly.

power wheel

Limitation of length

Some abdominal training wheels are fitted with a cord which limits the distance the wheel can roll and which is anchored to a cushioned knee pad. The length of the chord is adjustable so as to be able to vary the intensity of the exercise.


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