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Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid and a recovery enhancing supplement par excellence. Although in normal situations the human body creates this amino acid when it needs it, on occasions it is necessary to increase the ingestion of glutamine, if the body is demanding increased quantities and the levels of this amino acid drop excessively, it could affect the metabolic functions related to the processes of recovery. More info

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  • L-glutamine is one of 20 natural amino acids and it is regularly used in strength and endurance activities.
    QNT L-Glutamine 6000 - 500g
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    • Goal:Muscle recovery
    • Administration:After training
    • Format:Powder
    • Vegan:No

A buyers guide to products with Glutamine

As we have already mentioned, glutamine is a type of amino acid which is considered to be the best recovery enhancer, and therefore the benefits to consumers are numerous:

  • · Collaborates in replenishing the muscular glycogen lost during training.
  • · Prevents loss of muscle mass.
  • · Increases the rate of muscle growth.
  • · Strengthens the immune system.
  • · Minimizes muscular catabolism.
  • · Helps to keeps the intestine healthy and functioning correctly.

Foods containing high levels of glutamine are peanuts, almonds, dairy products, red meat, pulses, soya and turkey. There are also various sports nutrition products specifically designed to satisfy this need. These products are available in different formats (powder or capsules) and flavours. Healthy people with a high level of physical activity are recommended to take between 10g and 20g of glutamine a day in various doses, principally at times near to physical activity.


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