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Main characteristics
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use It refers to what use is covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Making this difference is typical when it comes to cardio and strength machines. There are domestic machines for home use, semi-professional ones for use in small gyms, hotels, spas, residentail areas, beauty centers, company gyms...and professional machines for intensive use in gyms, sports centers and fitness clubs Professional
Brand Bodytone
Weight It refers to the weight of the packed product 80 Kg
Guarantee 2 years
Characteristics of Crosstrainers
Flywheel weightSmoothens variations in the speed and makes pedaling easier
BrakeIf rows of magnets are applied to approach the flywheel, we call them magnetic, they can be manual or with programs based on whether the Installer is manual or motorized. If a permanent magnet is used(more professional solution), the manufacturers call it electromagnetic or induction braking system.
Position flywheelThe position of the flywheel at the back (rear drive) or front (front drive) affects the way you feel while pedaling and your posture while training. Feelings with the rear drive are similar to jogging and running, and front drive reminds us more of a stair climbing movement because you're eliminating the abrupt reverse movement. With front drive you tend to lean more forward. With a flywheel at the back your position is more centered and straight.
Inertial System
Inclie of Crosstrainers (%)
Self-PoweredA self-powered machine does not require external power supply for its resistance system and monitor. No plugs required. More options for placement at home.
Key features
TransmissionThe transmission can be belt (lower maintenance and the most silent solution) or string (more realistic and more similar to road bike)Belt
ChainringMost indoor cycles are fixed-gear bikes, that means they have no deadlock and the pedals are always moving when riding the bike. Some manufacturers, though, produce indoor cycle chain models, which is more similar to an outdoor bike, but those are not recommended for heavy users who want explosive strength workouts standing up to pedal, because they could slip off the pedals.Fixed wheel
Mixed pedalsThe pedals have, apart from normal pedal base, an automatic attachment to our shoes with SPD cleats. Advantages: quick start, greater security, more efficient pedaling (maximizes power transfer ) and better ergonomics.Yes
Weekly training
Max.user weightThis is the maximum user weight recommended by the manufacturer depending on the type of structure and other components of the machine136 Kg
Ches strap Technology
InteractivityMake your training more fun and motivating by taking advantage of the power of Internet and/or multimedia contents.