Energy bars Victory Endurance

Bars, easy snacks to eat and transport are available in different textures and flavours, are some of the most consumed supplements by athletes and sportspersons. In particular, energy bars are made up mostly of carbohydrates, and their main objective is to provide extra energy in workouts and delay fatigue.

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  • Has been designed to ensure long-lasting energy. With 7% fruit and 46% oats.
    Victory Endurance Endurance Bar - 25 x 85gr
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    Flavour: White chocolate-Banana, Tropical fruit

    • Goal:Energy
    • Administration:Before training
    • Format:Bars
  • With 43% fruit and 33% oats. It no longer contains palm oil which makes it even tastier and healthier.
    Victory Endurance Nature's Energy Bar - 25 x 60g
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    Flavour: Apple

    • Goal:Energy
    • Administration:At any time
    • Format:Bars
    • Vegan:No

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