The mission of Excellerator, professionals in the manufacture of quality skipping ropes, is to promote the practice of simple, enjoyable and efficient physical activity that offers multiple benefits.

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Excellerator skipping ropes make simple physical exercise possible while being complete and suitable for all ages. It is an easy to learn accessory that exercises many of the muscles in the body and is very beneficial for the health and fitness of every sportsman or woman. Working out with a skipping rope develops stamina, boosts lung capacity and improves the heart rate.

While exercising the muscles of the lower body (buttocks, calves, etc.), the back and abdominal muscles are also toned and posture is corrected. Moreover, the use of weights on ergonomic handles makes it possible to exercise the wrists, forearms and shoulders. Therefore, besides the benefits already mentioned, regular exercise with skipping ropes together with a suitable diet also enables you to define your silhouette and helps to eliminate cellulitis.