Fitness watches and heart rate monitors

Fitness heart rate monitors or sport watches belong to a category of basic and easy to use devices that provide relevant information to monitor, analyse and control gym activities or indoor classes such as Spinning or Crossfit. With excellent and stylish designs, these monitors register data such as heart rate, calories burnt, time or distance, and have essential functions to help sportsmen and women achieve top performances. More info

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  • Fitness watches and heart rate monitors
  • For the first step into heart rate-based training
    Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor - Black

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    Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor - Black

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    • Heartbeat: Yes
    • Sign: ANT 2.4GHz/5kHz
    • Strava compatible: No
    • Water resistant: Get wet yes, submersible no

Buyers' Guide for Fitness heart rate monitors or sport watches

Fitness heart rate monitors are the most intelligent way to optimize exercises, reach your goals and improve physical fitness. These sport watches, which serve as a beginner's introduction to training based on monitoring the heart rate, are designed for professional or amateur sports people who wish to know if they are improving their physical fitness or burning fat. Depending on the brand and model, these devices have various functions:

  • · Basic functions: Light, date, time, chronometer, languages, alarms, battery indicator, etc.
  • · Heart rate functions: Average heart rate, maximum and percentage, goals, etc.
  • · Register functions: Register files and history, weekly summary, etc.
  • · Training functions: Calories consumed in real time, graphic indicator of objective zone, zone block, etc.

fitness heart rate monitors

The functions that gym and indoor class users ask for most are heart rate control and calculation of the calories burnt during physical activity. Very useful information to know about our progress in classes such as Spinning, Crossfit and other sports gym activities.

Chest band

Although there are some models that do not need one because the device itself measures it, most fitness heart rate monitors require a chest band to provide heart rate data during training sessions. Before selecting a heart rate monitor, you should bear in mind whether the model in question includes the chest band or not, whether it is compatible and also the type of coding.

fitness heart rate monitors

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