Train at home like a professional

Home Premium

High-end fitness equipment for home use.

Imagine fitness equipment for home use incorporating all the features and benefits professional equipment offers you. A line designed by the most prestigious and demanding professional fitness market brands, for you to use in the comfort of your home.

This fitness line actually exists; we call it our Home Premium line, in which ultimate performance, exceptional quality and exquisite design combine into the best product for home use.

When you think about Premium, what comes to your mind?

  • Design
  • High service level
  • Brand
  • Comfort
  • Quality
  • Elegance
  • Exclusivity
  • Technology
  • Top performance
  • Luxurious
  • Distinctive
  • Unique
  • Personalised
  • Power
  • Class
  • Superior
  • Pioneer
  • Sophisticated
  • Strong materials
  • Prestigious
  • Features
  • Professional

This is why you should choose Home Premium

All products in our Home Premium range come with a number of exclusive services, free of any charges
  • Personal assigned agent

  • Personalised advice

  • Tailor made quote, adjusted to your budget

  • Including transport

  • After-sales service priority

  • Monitoring of the status of the equipment

Learn more without any compromise

Would you like to receive personalised advice or a customized quote? We are here for you, to assist you with everything you might need.

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Discover our wide range of Home Premium treadmills, stationary, reclining and indoor cycling bikes, cross trainers, rowing machines and multi-gyms.

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