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The Indoor Cycling Bike or Spinning Bike is one of the most common fitness machines used in gyms, both in individual and group workout sessions. The main function of these bikes is to offer a sensation as near as possible to traditional racing bikes, with a wide and varied range of workout options. With Spinning, one of the most popular techniques nowadays for keeping fit, you can lose fat and have a complete workout focused on the lower body (legs, thighs and glutes). More info

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  • Start cycling with this attractively disigned crosstrainer that meets the needs of beginners.
    Tecnovita Fitmoon YF98 Crosstrainer

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    Tecnovita Fitmoon YF98 Crosstrainer

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    • Weekly training:
    • Flywheel weight:18
    • Brake:
    • Transmission:Belt
  • Chain transmission, with a flywheel equivalent to 15 kg.
    Tecnovita Dynamo S100 YF952 Indoor Cycling Bike
    4.5 Stars (2)
    • Weekly training:
    • Flywheel weight:15
    • Brake:By friction
    • Transmission:Chain

A buyer's guide to the Indoor Cycling Bike

As with all cardiovascular apparatus, Indoor Cycling or Spinning Bikes also provide a series of benefits for users:

  • · Strengthen and tone the lower body: legs, thighs and glutes.
  • · Combine aerobic and anaerobic workouts thanks to changes in rhythm.
  • · Guarantee low impact physical activity and are suitable for any age.
  • · Burn off fat and reduce volume.
  • · Work and tone the core (abs) intensively.
  • · Improve stamina as the intensity of the workout increases.
  • · Help to reduce stress and enhance concentration.
  • · Enable diverse and varied workouts (individual, group, with music, etc.)

indoor cycling bike

Before buying an Indoor Bike, there are a series of aspects which you should bear in mind to ensure the right choice.

  • 1) Type of transmission
  • 2) Braking system
  • 3) Weight of the flywheel
  • 4) Adjustment possibilities
  • 5) Monitor and console

1) Type of transmission: belt or chain

Indoor Bikes have the pedals connected to the flywheel in two different ways, such that when the user begins to pedal, a rotation of the flywheel is generated. This is called transmission, and may be by belt or chain. Transmission by chain is the most economical and offers a more realistic sensation, more similar to that of a racing bike, but is a noisier option and requires more maintenance. On the contrary, transmission by belt is quieter and requires less maintenance, but is also more expensive.

2) Braking system: magnetic or friction

Braking on a Spinning Bike can be by friction or magnetic. Braking by friction (pads) is most common in the domestic environment, mainly due to cost. In this system, pads rub against each other and exercise pressure on the flywheel to reduce speed or to brake. Magnetic braking is more common for top of the range Indoor Bikes aimed at professional use. In this system, the flywheel brakes using electromagnets that follow the indications transmitted by the user through the monitor. This is more expensive, but unlike friction brakes, is much more quiet and does not require any kind of maintenance.

indoor cycling bike

3) Weight of the flywheel

The flywheel is the element of the bike that turns the pedal axle and transmits the different resistances to vary intensity during workouts. The greater the weight of the flywheel, the smoother and more fluid the sensation when pedalling, and the greater the possible variation of the resistance, which means more demanding workouts can be handled.

4) Adjustment possibilities

Adjustment options for the saddle and the handle bar are closely related to greater or less comfort when doing the workout. Not all saddles can be regulated or substituted should this be necessary, so it is important to check that the bike you select has a saddle that can be adjusted, for increased comfort when working out and to avoid postures that could lead to injury. The same applies to the handle bar, which should be adjustable in length and height to adapt to the size of the user and avoid discomfort in the back following training. We should bear in mind that an uncomfortable saddle or handle bar can spoil the workout session.

5) Monitor and console

The console is essential, as it is from here that the different functions of the bike are controlled and important information is viewed such as: speed, RPM, calories burned, time, distance, etc. In addition, if the console is compatible with your Smartphone, iPod, iPad or iPhone, you can carry out interactive workouts with the available Apps, which will make your workout a more pleasant and motivating activity. Nowadays, the monitor and this compatibility with different applications is the area which is changing the most and one which manufacturers are following carefully as in this way workouts become more useful and more fun.

indoor cycling bike

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