Misfit is a brand recognized for the design and manufacture of activity trackers, offering a wide range of devices fitted with the latest technology.

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Why buy Misfit?

The Misfit activity trackers have all the necessary functions you need to help you lead a healthy lifestyle; they register your movements and activity levels, at the same time as they provide information about calories burned, distance run and your sleep patterns, among many other functions.

Misfit is founded upon 4 pillars in order to be able to design and manufacture some of the most innovative and revolutionary models on the market:

· Innovation: They understand the importance of looking towards the future and so one of the most notable features of the brand is innovation, a trait which can be appreciated in each and every one of their models.

· Design: They design with the aim of offering beauty and elegance combined with simplicity, making their accessories the perfect choice for both day to day life and sports activities.

· Wellness: With the objective of improving our general wellbeing, the Misfit activity trackers are designed to help people live more healthy lives. To this end, their features encompass aspects such as sleep, nutrition and exercise. Thanks to this, these devices are the perfect key to leading a healthy life.

· Intelligence: Misfit follows closely the changes in technology and is aware of the importance of applying these in an appropriate way to their devices. Therefore, in order to remain one of the leading brands in activity trackers, their designs are inspired by the latest advances in technology and knowledge.