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  • By means of the rotation effect, you exercise your upper body (especially chest and arm muscles) in a much more precise way than with traditional pushup grips.
    Adidas Swivel Push-Up Bars

    Delivery 3-4 working days

    Adidas Swivel Push-Up Bars

  • Lightweight non-slip design. Supportive and comfortable
    Adidas Push-Up Bars

    Delivery 3-4 working days

    Adidas Push-Up Bars

  • Designed to provide you with the maximum support required for heavy lifts whilst ensuring optimal technique and maximal overload of the muscles.
    Adidas Power Lifting Wrist Wraps (pair)
  • Adidas Hook Lifting Straps for more grip while lifting weights. Neoprene padding. Wide steel hooks. Hook-and-loop fastener.
    Adidas Hook Lifting Straps
  • Adidas Lifting Straps for more grip for weight lifting. Neoprene padding.
    Adidas Lifting Straps

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