Pain relief Globus

A range of rehabilitation products and accessories which use various techniques such as compression, infrared heat, etc. for the treatment of pain on different areas of the body such as the ankle, elbow, knee, etc. Using compression products, some products designed to provide mechanical support for the joints, reduce inflammation, light swelling or aches and pains arising after training.

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  • Globus Kit Elastic Conductive Band Fitness Top
    Globus Kit Elastic Conductive Band Fitness Top
  • Helps you to tone and lose fat from the muscles of the abdomen.
    Globus Fast Body Kit
  • Globus Fast Band
    Globus Fast Band
  • Suitable for aesthetic applications, drainage and cooling thighs.
    Globus Kit Elastic Conductive Band for Thighs
  • Ideal for using on thighs and legs through hardening, toning, lipolysis and drainage treatments.
    Globus Fast Pad

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