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Recovery nutrition Amix

Recuperators, available in powder, are supplements that are taken after workouts to improve the muscle recovery process. They are aimed mainly at resistance sports, i.e. usually not very intense activities but of long duration such as running, athletics, marathons, triathlons, etc. in which wear and tear is significant after several hours of making a prolonged effort.

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  • Amix Recovery Max is a product, which was specially developed for the perfect and fast recovery after heavy physical exercise
    Amix Recovery Max - 575gr
    5.0 Stars (1)
    • Goal: Muscle recovery
    • Administration: After training
    • Format: Powder
  • This excellent product was specially developed for rapid muscle recovery and shortening of the recovery time after intense sports burden
    Amix Isolyn Recovery - 800gr lemon

    Delivery 3-4 working days

    Amix Isolyn Recovery - 800gr lemon

    0 Stars (0)
    • Goal: Recovery
    • Administration: After training

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