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Polar 90054243 Tracks your daily activity at different intensity levels, and shows steps, distance and burned calories. Feedback about your daily, weekly and monthly activity.

Reviews of Polar A300 HR Pink Fitness and activity monitor

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A brilliant must-have for monitoring all of my exercise regimes. From walking, swimming, indoor/outdoor training, calories and fat burned. It keeps me constantly informed of my goals reached and my target successes. Even better, I can connect my Polar A300 HR to my laptop to see my achievements and progress records which helps me to confidently plan my future exercises. Also, (and importantly for me) the addition of the Heart Rate Monitor is an excellent plus, too. For the first time while exercising I am able see my heart rate before, during and after my exercises. In conclusion, The Polar A300 HR is a stylish, fashionable and fully functional product. It is a first class, highly rated and thoroughly recommended product and aid for any keep-fit enthusiast.

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