TRX creator of the best accessory for suspension training, provides products for this kind of exercise which has numerous advantages over conventional strength training.

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· A new way of training: Suspension training has an advantage over conventional strength training. And this is due to the fact that every exercise in suspension training develops functional strength at the same time as it is improving flexibility, balance and core body stability, just as is required in any sporting activity or indeed in everyday life.

· Different to traditional exercising: TRX training sessions are different from traditional training in that the hands or the feet of the user are held, usually by one anchor point, while the other end of the body is in contact with the ground.

· Develop all aspects of your body: With TRX, you use whatever percentage of bodyweight you want to work on the area of the body you want and using a dynamic exercise movement. TRX has a single anchor point which provides the ideal combination of support and mobility to order to develop core strength, resistance, coordination, flexibility, power and stability while being able to make the exercises easier or harder.


The history of TRX

Randy Hetrick, the founder of Fitness Anywhere, and his Navy SEAL, colleagues needed to maintain a top level of fitness while at the docks, in barracks, on ships and submarines. However, because of the nature of their work they couldn't carry out the training they needed to do as they couldn't use conventional equipment nor even had the space to use it. TRX was developed to fill that need.

In the beginning they started to use a hand sewn parachute strap with tools for repairing rubber dinghies. Hetrick and his colleagues quickly developed a series of exercises in which they used their body weight. They had established the basis for what would become a new and original category of functional exercises: suspension training.