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Upper body machines are muscle strengthening apparatus specifically designed to work the upper part of the body: arms, deltoids, biceps, triceps, pectorals, shoulders and back. Workouts with these machines guarantee greater efficiency in exercising the upper body than exercising the lower and upper body at the same time, because all the effort is focused on the muscles in the upper part of the body. More info

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  • The adjustable bench will conveniently swivel sideways with one release pin to create an open workout space for squats, rows, shrugs and more. For strength training at home.
    Marcy PM4400 Leverage Home Multi Gym and Bench Pro
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A buyer's guide for an Upper Body Machine

The main benefit obtained when working out with Upper Body Machines is the toning and the strengthening of the muscles in the upper part of the body, such as the arms, deltoids, biceps, triceps, pectorals, shoulders and back. Using these muscle strengthening machines, it is possible to carry out with ease such complete and efficient exercises as Butterfly, Chest Press, Biceps Curl, Chest pulls, etc. Exercise possibilities vary according to the machine, as many have been developed to work out a particular group of muscles.

All Upper Body Machines are used to work the muscles of the upper part of the body, but there are certain differences between them and, therefore, you will find below a list of some of the aspects to bear in mind when buying one model or another:

  • 1) Type of machine: According to use
  • 2) Type of machine: According to purpose
  • 3) Type of machine: According to use
  • 4) Material, resistance and maximum load
  • 5) Maximum weight of the user

upper body machine

1) Type of machine: According to purpose

These types of muscle strengthening machines are used to work different muscles in the upper body. According to the exercise carried out, some make it possible to strengthen diverse muscle groups, but others have been specifically designed to work a specific muscle group such as the biceps or the chest. You should choose the model depending on which muscles you wish to work.

2) Type of machine: According to resistance

Weight building machines can exert resistance through the selection weights from the stack or by loading discs. For resistance machines with a weight stack, included in the price, the weights are easily selected and without the need to do so manually, unlike machines with resistance through loading discs, which are not included in the price and which must be introduced manually to vary the weight.

3) Type of machine: According to use

The guarantee varies depending on the intensity and frequency of use, and for this reason three types of use are distinguished: domestic, semi-professional and professional. It is important to check what each machine is designed for and to respect this classification in order to ensure that the machine will be able to support the frequency of training it will be used for.

4) Material, durability and maximum load

The material used to manufacture the machine is a deciding factor in its durability and robustness, which means it is important to pay special attention to this point. With regard to the maximum load, all the machines have a maximum capacity, so before choosing a model, you should take note of this limit so you know the maximum intensity you can train at.

5) Maximum weight of the user

In order to be sure that the machine will work to its full potential and that it is being used correctly, it is important to consider the maximum weight it can support. Otherwise, it may not operate at an optimum level.

upper body machine

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